Castaway Island Fiji recently celebrated their 50th Anniversary. They were one of the first Islands marketed towards tourism, and it’s easy to see why. And 50 years later they are still the top pick among the North Shore set. And evidently me.

Without so much as a sidewards glance at a facebook mother’s group, I was able to book and depart in a manner of weeks. I’m not one for pre-booking months or even years in advance, if I want a holiday, I decide I’m going and I just pack my bags and go.

This will do nicely, thanks.

There must be a million reviews on this place on the internet, so I am not going to bore you with more of the same. What I will tell you are the essentials that made this place stand out in a sea literally littered with stunning tropical holiday spots.

Let’s start with the beer. I’ll have two of the countries finest thanks and that can only mean Vonu (or “Turtle Beer”).

Within minutes of arriving, we were sipping away on a frosty brew.

Then there was the kid’s pool which is situated right next to the kids club which is the part that made me yell….

But less than 24 hours after my arrival on Castaway Island there was an…incident.

I’d spent the morning eating, swimming and walking amongst the gorgeous gardens and admiring the palm trees swaying in the light island breeze. Although I avoid using this word, this place is for all intents and purposes, perfect. I was well into “Fiji Time” already and it seemed like nothing could ruin my flow. Until I experienced a code brown.

“I started fantasising that it wasn’t a chunk of human excrement, but a Halloween stunt or a sea cucumber that had unfortunately made it inland.”

For the love of god, why do people not take a bloody swim nappy? I have to hand it to the staff, they handled it with expert care while no doubt shaking their heads at the lax attitude of some of the guests.


I chose to focus on the upcoming Happy Hour by the adult’s pool instead of letting this little brown incident ruin any Fiji Vibe I was getting into. And Emily at the swim up bar has a knack with the cocktails!

“I know who you are. every friday, i fucking love it!”

During the evening there are a bunch of adult games (none of which require you to get jiggy with another guest). And it was during one of these sessions that the head Chef Markus Nufer approached me and blew my cover. “I know who you are” he said with a smirk. Genuinely confused, I played along not knowing what he meant. “Yep, I know who you are. Every Friday, I fucking love it!” And there you have it, I was a bona fide celebrity in Fiji, how very fucking ironic #northshoremums.


  1. Crystal clear water just like the postcards.
  2. The Kids club where your kids would rather be while you are snoozing by the pool.
  3. The FOOD.
  4. The location. No “Gold Coast in Fiji” moments like you can have on the mainland.

Do yourself a favour and don’t let my code brown put you off. This place truly is paradise and I do not say that lightly. Hundreds of traveller reviews can’t be wrong!

FK x