Since starting Far Kew Reviews, an overwhelming number of you asked me if I could review the “Period Undies” that everyone has been talking about. So here we go.

Modibodi was created by an Aussie mum, Kristy Chong, who after the birth of her second child and the not-so-welcome bladder leaks that can come afterward, decided there needed to be a product to offer more security. You can read the full story here.

I know you want ALL the nitty gritty details, so I won’t hold back. But if you somehow missed the trigger warning, I’ll suggest you stop reading if you dry heave at the mention of vaginas or periods. Specifically bleeding vaginas. OK? Let’s press on.

Modibodi sent me three styles of undies for the purpose of my trial. Sensual Boyleg, Classic Bikini, and Seamfree Bikini in a mix of light to moderate absorbency.

My first thoughts were that they looked very well made and super soft. Depending on the style, they are made from bamboo, merino wool, and microfibre, so you won’t feel sweaty, smelly or sticky.

I chucked on a pair of the classic bikini undies when I started to feel like shark week was approaching. I think I jumped the gun by a day, but it wasn’t a wasted experience because I got to feel them and was impressed they didn’t feel bulky AT ALL and were just as comfy as my regular everyday undies. In fact, the light-moderate and moderate undies only have a 3mm lining pad. Heavy only being slightly thicker and longer. Read more about HOW IT WORKS.

Modibodi claims to fight bacteria and stop smells. And usually, I don’t spend my time sniffing the crotch of my undies, but in this case, I made an exception. Yes, I know, but it was all in the name of research. And I am happy to report it was all good down on the farm.

Day two was where they really got put to the test. It’s important to tell you that I consider myself to have a light to medium “flow”. God, I hate that word. I have one day in the lead up where I do need some protection, (but not much), followed by one medium day and then another 2 to 3 lighter days.

Since I have had kids, I’ve actually preferred to use pads. Mainly because I cannot guarantee how much I am going to be bleeding, and pulling out a dry tampon is really unpleasant. But no matter what type I try (and I’ve tried ALL of them, including cloth) they always seem to get bunched up and stick to my ass cheeks. Cue unwelcome mini wax. Even the ones with wings try to assault me! And with my passion for skinny jeans, pads are not always the preferred look unless a fat, cotton-padded, camel toe is your thing.

Apparently, this is a thing. That should absolutely NOT be a thing.

“It’s like someone got a handful of masking tape and shoved it between my butt cheeks. Then ripped it off”

I took the plunge and wore the “moderate absorbency” pair with absolutely nothing else. I was determined to see if these could really replace a tampon, cup or pad. And they can! For me anyway. I wore the same pair for the entire day and I didn’t smell like a rotting carcass in the evening *fist pump*. I did decline the sniff test for day two, but I think I would have known if they were stinky skank pants.

Of course, you could change them during the day, and if you choose to do this and are out and about, I can recommend a wet bag from any cloth nappy manufacturer to store them in your handbag. Personally, I wouldn’t choose to do that, but it’s up to you. I certainly wouldn’t use a plastic snap lock bag, because the lunchroom conversation could take a deadly turn if you took out the wrong thing….just saying.

Classic Bikini.

A couple of things worth mentioning…..

You are going to feel the blood come out.

Yes, you will, unless you are wearing a cup or tampon and are just using them for back up leaky issues. So if you are put off by that and don’t use pads because of this reason, maybe these are not for you. Having said that, the liquid wicks away VERY quickly. You certainly don’t feel like you are sitting in a soggy mess.

You will have to rinse them out.

I’ve used cloth nappies and pads before so this is really not a big deal for me, but if you are not wanting to touch any blood, again, these maybe aren’t for you. I simply rinsed and squeezed mine out in the laundry sink and put them in with the rest of my washing.

Black is the new white.

The lining pad is black, which I consider being a bonus (no stains and bloody bits to look at). But this makes it a bit hard to tell how much is in there, unlike a pad. I personally think you would feel it if it was time to change, but if you have a heavier flow, this may be an issue worth considering. Note that some of the lighter coloured pants have a grey lining pad, specifically the limited edition champagne ones. Did someone say champagne?!

It’s a bit of a hit to the hip pocket.

While there is no denying these pants are not exactly cheap, consider the cost of disposable products for years as well as the huge environmental impact. Did you know a disposable pad takes up to 500 years to break down? Can you even begin to imagine the amount of bloody landfill that is?

“I have always wanted to ride on a white horse with my period. wearing white pants. in the snow.”

While Modibodi claims to stop smells, I am not going to recommend you take these camping for five days and wear the same pair the entire time. Yes, the fabric and the lining are specifically designed to stop odour and have been scientifically proven to do so but use common sense as well.

So what’s the verdict? I have to say I’m kinda amazed. These things have been talked up in a rather big way, and I was not all that convinced I’d be on board. But these undies are not just for periods, they would be brilliant for in-between days, bladder leakage and even during pregnancy when things get a little more….damp. Let’s just say damp.

They even make feeding singlets for leaky boobs. No more cloth pads or disposable pads that get all gross and fall apart.

So go ahead ladies, wear your white jeans, buy that white horse and book yourself a trip to the snow. Or at least buy a white couch, just because you can. And know that you will be helping give back because Modibodi supports several charities including Share The Dignity and Days For Girls. And I think that is super rad.

FK xx

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  1. I think i need these for the leaks I get when the kids are running in opposite directions and herding them into the grungy public toilet is more punishment than i care to endure

  2. Three kids, weakened pelvic floor and a bastard of a chest infection. These seem like a godsend right about now.

  3. Been curious about these, I think your review is going to boost their sales big time. Excuse me I go online shopping!

  4. Thanks for a great review. I’ve been thinking of trying these out – not for me (I’m a bit beyond needing these *fist pump*) but for my daughter’s. I always used a cup and it breaks my heart to see then using pads.

    • I never really considered how bad for the environment pads and tampons were. I just knew I needed them! So this is definitely a great alternative for sure.

  5. I need these bloody (yepp, went there on purpose ?) amazing modibodi undies in my life because, well, kids.
    I have two little mothersuckers hanging off me 24/7 which leaves me with 0 time to change a pad or tampon in private ?

  6. Damnit now I have to buy some. I’ve literally filled an entire landfill worth of pads and tamping in the past 11 months since having baby #2. Iud in, cue non stop bleeding for 3.5 months now to boot. I need all the help I can get. Did I mention I actually brought back jumbo size packs of tampons on my recent overseas trip? They were so much cheaper that I gave up valuable suitcase space that should’ve been used on fashion…

  7. So I can get from work to the bus stop when I’m rushing and my body forgets which muscles to use and then I have to wait 40 min til I get home to feel like an adult again ?? funny not funny

  8. I have been tossing up between buying cloth pads, or period underwear like these. I think these will not bunch up like the cloth pads might so I really think I need these in my life!

    • I can tell you cloth pads don’t “stick” to anything, the ones I used didn’t anyway. So they just twist around and bunch. Massive fail.

  9. 4th baby is 10 weeks away and if post birth bleeding doesn’t get me, a leaky bladder will ? Great review FarKew ?

  10. I need these because I have developed a freaky itchy red rash allergic reaction to normal pads and due to my post part I’m stretched lady bits, tampons FALL OUT if my flow is heavy and I’m doing exercise.

    Seriously. Slides right out.

    I need these in my life!

  11. Bastard cough that won’t leave, a kid that runs away so I have to chase her down for toilet breaks, or craps her dacks so I have to clean her first while I’m squatting there busting, and a leaky bladder the size of a gold ball right now. Nuff said. ?

    Seriously thinking of investing in a few pairs whether I win or not, for the bladder and to back up the menstrual cup I’m trying out, provided they come in Bridget Jones’ style granny pants sizes. ?

  12. So far 8 weeks pregnant, let’s just say downstairs things are going to get wet and wild and not in a good way if last pregnancy is anything to go by, these pants look like a comfy godsend for my preggy privates and if my butt outgrows them I can always use them for sopping up hormonal tears, a vomit cloth or as a super expensive duster.

  13. 2 kids, no pelvic floor and I just turned 40!!
    Modibodi sounds like it could help me take the stress out of shark week.

  14. Fuck me, I need these. Every time shark week (?) rolls around, I use the tampons with the backup mattress that is a maxi pad and STILL get fucking side leakage! I couldn’t tell you how many pairs of undies I’ve ruined in the course of my life no matter how bloody (excuse the pun… nah don’t #sorrynotsorry) careful I am! Farkew, please fucking pick me!

  15. Well well well… there’s thee holes in the ground. I was not expecting that F.K. As I’ve moved towards the ‘change’ I’m all over the shop and my Tradie undies are taking a proverbial beating. I should like to give these hot pants a red hot go if you get my drift.

  16. I need these because since I had uteral ablation so I don’t need to wear 2 maternity pads every couple of hours pads are more uncomfortable than ever. Either too big with wings that are just ridiculous or so thin they feel like a bloody sheet of copy paper shoved down your undies some of them go right across your butt!!! I need something but not really anything that’s available panty liners are just stupid and end up god knows where!

  17. I’m really becoming conscious of my environmental footprint and what I use daily that will affect the environment for many years to come. Also I am lazy, so I think these undies will be a win/win!!

    • You are welcome. Make sure to have a look what type is best, they are thin! I think even heavy would be fine 🙂

  18. I need these for so many reasons, top of the list is that my kiddo likes to go EVERYWHERE with me, especially the white throne room. Other bodily functions aside, trying to change a pad or tampon while kiddo asks scrutinising questions to which he already knows all the answers is getting really old.

  19. I won’t personally have a need for them in a couple of months (fist pump for hysterectomies) but my 13 year old daughter is still coming to terms with this “aspect” of growing up so I think they’d be a godsend for her. ☺️

  20. As I await the return of Shark Week post baby #2 (18 months and counting – the one positive of a boob-obsessed toddler), I realise that I have buckley’s of getting any privacy in our ensuite that HAS NO DOOR. Who the fuck thought that was a good idea? Not a mother of two small, inquisitive children, that’s for damn sure. Modibodi may just make the whole thing easier

  21. I need these because after baby #2 I started peeing myself every time I sneeze, cough, laugh and jog – Last week I pissed myself at netball 🙁 and I’m sick of my son walking in when I’m trying to put a fucking pad on and asking me what I’m doing

  22. Wow never knew such a thing existed. Could have used these when the doctor insisted I went off the pill despite my arguments of what would happen. Luckily I have a considerate enough husband who took it in his stride a couple of days a month to escort me to the bathroom with a bucket and mop to deal with the murder scene and what I lovingly referred to as the ‘chicken gibblets’ that fell out of me getting from the toilet to the shower or cleaned up my trail of destruction if I slept longer than a few hours without a loo break. Thankfully the torment is reducing to the point of no return. How come I’ve never seen these advertised anywhere?

      • Haha, the doctor laughed too when I told him chicken giblets fall out of me, but how else could you describe those nasty big wobbly clots that look like some sort of alien lifeform and would send any male experiencing it racing to the emergency room ?

  23. I need these because the only thing worse than periods is peri-menopausal tsunami periods.
    If there ever was a god – he’s definitely a man

  24. I’m a teacher and it is damn hard to either sneak out a pad hidden in your fist or pocket or take your whole handbag without all the Grade 6 girls giving knowing grins to each other. Then you get to the loo and there is always another teacher in there wanting to chat that is if you don’t get held up by the rare male teacher wanting to share his teaching achievements while you are walking towards the loo with a fistful of sanitary pad.

  25. Sadly, I’m enduring early menopause so i don’t need these for myself but for my gorgeous daughter who is so young and getting her period very early. I think these will help here feel a lot more comfortable and safe!! Awesome, honest, informative review…thanks Far Kew! <3

  26. I had an endometrial ablation & woohoo no more period!!! BUT I need these for my daughter! She’s 12 & has just started her period last year. These would be an absolute godsend to save the embarrassing mishaps that always occur sometime during high school!!

  27. Oh my giddy aunt, my trashed pelvic floor needs these! Pity I didn’t have them last week when I had the sneezes and let a little bit of wee out each sneeze.
    Nobody tells you the gory details of the impact that birthing a baby will have on your pelvic floor!
    Being able to use them at “that time of the month” when “Aunty flo” visits (bet you love those phrases as much as the word panty m) is an added bonus.
    Excuse me, I’m off to by some Modibodi… 🙂

  28. I only use pads at night but I can always “feel” it coming out and then the pad is wet and if I have to go to the toilet I dont want to put on a soggy wet pad at 3.ooam in the morning, do they leave your pants soggy or even slightly “moist” to put it in the words of one Bachie lover.

  29. During a rare day of sunshine last week I put on some happy music and danced barefoot in the grass with my son. We were carefree and having fun until one wild move left me with a wet patch. My son suggested I wear a nappy but I said no, I just need a pair of Modibodi….

  30. I will definitely need to have a pair, so I can laugh or sneeze or cough, without thinking about crossing my legs first. The gifts of motherhood ❤️

  31. Ok. Ok. Ok. I have been debating and discussing these, both in my head and with actual other people. So I have been swayed farkewreviews and will give it a go. It’s the rinsing. But with no smell. Think of the environment. Ok. Ok. Ok.

  32. Tmi alert…. but I need these so badly!
    My um “flow” is so heavy I am on a waiting list for an ablation (eblation? They’re going to BURN MY UTERUS farkew, wth). It causes my iron levels to drop so low that I have twice yearly iron infusions. Have tried all the options to stop it, nothing worked.
    My uterus is a bit of a bitch :p
    So yes, these would be awesome as a backup to my cup and might mean I can leave the house in that week without fear of disaster!

    • Did they tell you, you could bleed non stop for 6 weeks after it, then after 6 months everything grows back and the hell returns worse than ever. And that their solution to that is ‘we’ll just do it again’?

  33. Oh I need these for so many reasons lol. Changing a tampon in front of a curious toddler who even gets down on the ground to get a better look (!!!) is definitely at the top, sneezey bladder leaks, random floody period moments and over-exuberant ovulation discharge – I think I need them all month round haha. Would be nice not to need a panty liner every day 🙁

  34. My periods are heavy and bloody painful (pardon the pun), they are a bain to my existence. I am so ready for menopause so I can stop dealing with the stupid things but until that hits me I would love to try these amazing sounding undies. And because tampons suck!

  35. Definitely need these! Periods, pregnancy and the trampoline we have on layby for Christmas so the boys aren’t the only ones having fun ?

  36. Because … saving the environment from my daily pad habit! Surviving the day and feeling good about it – win win!

  37. I am ready to go disposable free and trying to decide between period pants, cloth pass or.menstrual cup. After your reviews definitely think Modibodies are the way to go for me and my daughter who is starting to enter the fun years of puberty 🙂

  38. Thanks so much for this review! I’ve been stalking these for some time and needed all this info that I couldn’t find out there. I definitely think I’ll try them out!

  39. I need these for Miss 11 who has been quite mortified by recent visits from the red fairy. I think these would be amazing for her confidence and will reduce her monthly anxiety.

  40. This is so well timed, thank you. I recently tried a cup for the first time (43) and no Carrie hands either! I have realised though that I am justified in calling my period heavy when for the first two days the cup was filled several times in the day… I’ve been thinking about trying these pants, as back up with the cup so its good to know that they would help!

  41. I’m at my wits end with my period… PCOS and a rubbish pelvic floor have left me with super heavy periods … I’m not even sure these will work for me.. but they’d be a back up at least. ?? thanks for testing them for us all and writing the review.

  42. Ohhhh my world would be changed , my thing is night leakage I lie there like like corpses bride – dead – stiff – don’t dare to move !!!

    We won’t mention sneezing, laughing and coughing !!!!

    I honesty can’t wait to try them !!!

  43. What A rippa idea – I have had an ablation cos 15 pairs of these bastards on at once wouldn’t have stopped me from leaking – but when the prick comes back which it eventually will ( Christ ) I’m gonna use these !!!!’

  44. I have these and absolutely love them. No more panty liners bunching up in my crotch. No more bleach and god knows what else against my lady parts. Totally worth the cost.

  45. Something I think everyone’s forgotten about is the communal risks. Surely there is a biological hazard of just ‘rinsing’ (in cold water!) blood containing garments. I’m not keen to try on clothes like jeans now, thinking that someone’s ‘rinsed’ period underwear have been sitting in the same pair before me.
    Blood can carry all manner of STD’s, viruses, bacteria and parasites – even with bacteria-resistant wool this is still a hazard.

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