I know you might think a review on hand soap is a bit Ho Hum, but let me ask you this. Would you prefer the smell of bum?

Soap has been around in many forms for ages, but my family prefer to use the foaming kind because it’s easy, less messy and seems to last for longer (though I cannot prove this). Also, the kids seem to dig it, and anything that makes them want to clean their hands in a win in my book. So when I spotted the new Dettol Rose & Cherry in Bloom fragrance, I just had to give it a whirl.

Let’s face it, most antibacterial soaps are very dull and don’t feel as nice as the “fancy” soaps that don’t kill ALL THE GERMS. And with scents like lemon fresh, pine forest and even lavender, they can have you conjuring up images of wiping butts continuously and washing sticky fingers all day long. It’s like these boring old scents are burnt into our psyches and are now forever associated with these grim parental tasks. Nothing says gastro like a can of Glen 20 *shudder*.

Yes, it’s fair to say I was ready for a new twist on a household basic that would transport me to another place that had little to do with bum.

You could almost imagine you are here instead of in a toilet. Almost.

Dettol says:

“Our high-performance foaming hand wash is specially formulated with a dual effect that is soft on skin and hard on germs. The rich, creamy lather kills 99.9% of germs and is enriched with moisturising micro-bubbles that leave hands feeling soft and refreshed.”

I say:

 “This shit smells so freaking good! Now you can finally associate washing your hands with a well manicured Japanese garden instead of butt, vomit and the pair of soiled undies you found marinating in your child’s daycare bag.”

What more needs to be said really?

FK x