Is this the world’s fanciest tomato sauce?

Josh at Gourmet Life in Sydney has what many would call the “Dream Job”. Sourcing some of the most delectable foodstuffs from around the globe and bringing them directly to his clients through his Darlinghurst Providore, as well as supplying several of the countries most sought-after restaurants with the coveted delicacies, simply seems too good to be true.

In fact, Josh is right now as we speak, in Ibiza visiting his salt supplier. Uh huh. I’m quite sure he’s also reaching for the lasers at the same time as discussing the merits of hand raked salt, and I am not talking about the Himalayan fart kind.

Josh. Living his best life with the salt dealers of Ibiza.

But such a gig would only succeed with the passion of someone that truly believes in living his best life through food. And Josh does it with gusto.

The San Marzano Tomato Ketchup from Bellberry had me intrigued from the get-go. I don’t consider myself to be a refined food critic by any stretch of the imagination, I just buy Heinz organic ketchup and shun the lips and asshole Bunnings BBQ Fountain brand sauce and go about my merry way. I thought I had sauce sorted.


But this luscious little bottle of tomatoey (is that even a word? It is now) goodness has that little something special, and so it should, this stuff isn’t exactly cheap. And it’s called sweet peppers. Made from San Marzano tomatoes, red bell peppers and celery (just stay with me, apparently celery goes in sauce), the addition of the sweet red peppers gives it an incredibly delicate balance between sweet and acidic, with just enough spice to give you that POW!

It’s now a party in your mouth, and everyone is dancing to Despacito on your tongue. You’re very fucking welcome.

This isn’t kids-are-having-freezer-food-tonight-and-I-just-burnt-the-nuggets, sauce. This is a little bit fancy. Try it with Cafe Style Salt & Pepper Chips from ALDI….JOKING.

Try it with grilled meats, your hipster BBQ’s where any meat is preceded by the word “pulled”, or a tasty gourmet sausage. Just hold the kale.

Love, FK xx

Click the logo below to buy this sauce and browse the other fancy stuff. And stay tuned for the next review on the most incredible Hazelnut spread that shits all over Nutella.