Probably the lowest I have ever felt about my body was after the birth of my first baby. I needed a swimming costume badly and spent several hours in a specialist swimwear shop only to walk out empty-handed. My boobs had ballooned to a size G which is extremely hard to find supportive swimwear for.

I was determined to find something sexy, flattering and nothing close to those horrible old lady suits with the skirts. But as I found myself surrounded by the picture perfect Seafolly models (fuck you Gigi Hadid), I knew this was almost an impossible task. I felt like smashing the mirror and having an ugly cry.

The last trip to the dressing room did not go well….







“I have always had a keen
interest in fashion, vintage fashion in particular, as I grew up in a family with vintage cars, and we dressed in period costume for certain events.” – Kylie van Wanrooy

Beyond the Sea is a swimwear fashion label created by Kylie van Wanrooy, a patternmaker working in fashion for 25 years. Kylie has worked for some large high-end labels, chain stores and start-ups including Charlie Brown, Sass & Bide, Mela Purdie, Sussan, Sportsgirl, Suzanne Grae, Millers, Katies, Crossroads and City Chic. Swimwear labels Kylie has worked on include Seafolly, Bondi Born and Summa along with many others.

Being the average Aussie size, 16, Kylie had also experienced the depression that can be a fitting room with the tragic 3-way mirrors highlighting your every flaw. So she started her own label which caters to curvy women who have more than a couple of fried eggs for boobs.

“I just can’t understand why anyone needs a 3 way mirror. I cannot and will not understand it.” – Far Kew

So when Beyond the Sea asked me to try one of their swimsuits for a review, I almost had a heart attack. One part extreme happiness, and one part vomit induced fear, for I would need to put a photo of myself in a swimsuit on the interwebs. YIKES!

Kylie van Wanrooy – Founder of Beyond The Sea

A few basic questions later and my swimsuit was in the mail. Size F boobs and 10-12 depending on the week… was never going to work.

Once it arrived I was prepared for the fact that it was going to look terrible and I’d have to return it. I had NEVER bought swimwear online and just assumed it would be a disaster.

I tried it on…..and it fit ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY! It’s the most flattering swimming costume I have ever owned. The material feels super soft, the cut is stunning, and it covers me up enough but still leaves a bit on display for me to feel sexy.

The thing that blew me away was the level of support for knockers like mine. Usually, I have to go for a halter neck so I can literally defy gravity by hoisting them towards my neck as far as I can. That is not only very uncomfortable but leaves shocking tan lines in the wrong spot! The other alternative has been a two piece where you have to pay for the top and the bottom to come in a different size. And even that is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.


My 5 year old cropped out my head….

I am amazed I was able to try on ONE swimsuit and have it be perfect. This has literally never happened in my entire life, even when I had a body like Gigi. I would never have imagined that I could do mail order swimwear, so I highly recommend giving it a try and save yourself the indignity that is the dressing room. They have a returns policy (of course) so there is no risk to you.  Or, if you have to have the whole dressing room experience, you can purchase at these stockists.

I just booked a trip to Fiji, so I’ll be busting (pun intended) out this bad boy poolside and feeling pretty awesome in it.

Love, FK xxx

Beyond The Sea are offering a 25% discount to readers of my blog with the code FARKEW

Valid until 22nd Dec, so get shopping!


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