I am Far Kew, an everyday mum of two kids aged 2 and 4 who moonlights as a blogger which took me by surprise.

My new site is the antidote to my weekly rants about stuff that makes me get my angry face rage on. I can’t possibly hate everything, can I?

If you would like to work with me you need to do this.

Email me: and tell me what your product or service is, with as much detail as possible. I can’t guarantee I will feature the product, as I will only select things that I would actually use and enjoy. All opinions will be my own and written by me in my style.

Things you can send to me without asking. Cash, cheques, alcohol, sunglasses, houses (prefer water views), holidays, clothes and food (hold the kale).

Products can be mailed to the address below.

Far Kew

Suite No 133

358 Clarendon Street

South Melbourne, VIC, 3205