You all know I like my wine. Like, a LOT. So when Greg from Parker’s Cellar asked me to try a few boxes of wine for ….um…..research purposes, it was a big fat fucking YES from me.

I am a frequent buyer of wine in bulk, due to the fact that I am currently running two businesses as well as raising two little kids. There is a fair bit of wine being guzzled at Chateau Far Kew.

The first cab off the rank was this tasty little French red blend. OH. Em. GEE.


You know what? I never realised how much I missed a cork until now. I whipped out my foil cutter and my proper bottle opener and thoroughly enjoyed the ceremony around opening up that little beauty. I sniffed the end of the cork, I drank that shit in like a fine wine. Oh yeah, the wine was amazing too.

And for under $37 for a bottle, I highly recommend making this one part of your weekly repertoire.

Next was the Seppelt Salinger Vintage Cuvee. It was creamy, crispy, with notes of citrus and toasted brioche. Don’t I sound like a right wine wanker? It was scoffable. My top pick for Christmas lunch and ALL the seafood.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.09.47 PM

I caught up with Greg for a chat about all things wine, and what made him leave the world of television where he was an award winning cameraman, to spend a life trawling the cellars of the words best wineries.

Q: Greg, what’s this all about?

A: I love wine – it’s awesome. Parker’s Cellar is unlike any other online wine store – we simply offer the wines you know and love at the best price. By the case and it’s on your doorstep.
No black labels, No mystery boxes, No rip offs.
Our motto is to “Uncork & Unwind” – just crack a good drop, put your feet up and chill.

Q: Fuck yeah! How did you start it?

A: I loved wine more so as I got older – particularly so since I became a parent. Nights out owning the dance floor on a gut full of Rum & Coke is not quite as common as I would like and the hangovers are noticeably nastier.
Jacqui (my wife) and I figured we needed wine at home. She loves Champagne and is partial to a good red.
I couldn’t stand wandering the isles of bottle shops, paying full freight for wine by the bottle.  I clicked around on the web, had random goon delivered that I had never heard of that wasn’t drinkable and thought there has to be a better way.
I lot of blood sweat and tears later Parker’s Cellar was born. It’s like a wine club – just without any grief.

Q: Fuck me – Sounds awesome, what’s your background?

I’ve spent my whole career (23 years) to this point with Channel Seven, I finished up in the role of Chief Cameraman for News & Current Affairs. It was an incredible experience. I describe it as a front row ticket to life – you saw the best and worst of humanity.
AFL Grand Finals, Olympic Games, Touring with Warnie and Co when Australia was good at Cricket. Unfortunately though, I also saw plenty of death and destruction. I won a Logie and a Walkley for my work on the Lindt Siege in 2014 – but it’s a tough thing to celebrate given how it ended.
I met so many amazing people and am lucky enough to call Mel Doyle, Chris Reason, Kochie & Sam, Edwina Bartholomew and Co friends. And they all love wine!
When we travelled for work we often did so for long stretches at a time. I made it a mission to find nice restaurants and naturally explore their wine lists. I was pretty good at packing a bottle or two in my camera bags as well.

Q: What’s a good deal?

A: Every day is better if it involves wine. I try to keep the big (bottle shop) chains honest with some red hot pricing. Parker’s Cellar is for Members only – Membership is free but it means our prices are not offered to the general public so we can push wineries to offer some epic deals for our Members.
Our prices don’t fluctuate either. We love our products and our Members do too.
There’s luxury wines for marking an occasion, wines that are nice to crack for dinner and everyday wines that are awesome to take the edge off parenting.

Q: If you wanted to say FUCK YOU to the big chains what would you do?

A: I would check out and get myself an instant membership.
I would browse the wine list and upon checkout enter fuckyoufriday and score even further discounts off a great range of wines!
The French Reds are sensational as are the Seppelt bubbles. Everyone loves Penfolds – your Christmas Shopping could be done within minutes!
So hop to it peeps. Stock up for Christmas and New Year knowing the curating has been done for you and that you will be guaranteed a good drop at the best price. Don’t forget to use the code fuckyoufriday for a sweet discount.
With bottles starting as low as $10, there is literally something for everyone and you’ve definitely got my seal of approval on this one.
FK xxxxx