Some of the wristlets available from Love Lockets.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have LOVED sparkles. Specifically Swarovski crystals. My Aunt used to make costume jewellery using the famous stones and I was often her little helper, always fascinated by the colours, shimmer and shine.

So when Love Lockets approached me for a potential review, I leapt at the chance. I realise I am known for the ranty pants and rude stuff, but if it has anything to do with shiny things, I am there.

For the purpose of my review, I chose one of their new line of wristlets, a customisable locket where you choose the colour, design and contents. You can literally “wear your heart on your sleeve”. Cute.

The idea behind the collection is to choose your locket, either a wristlet (attached to a bangle) or a pendant style for a chain.

Rose Gold

You then fill it up with charms of your choice. And boy, what a choice! There are thousands of possible combinations, each unique to you. Birthstones from the Swarovski collections to symbolise your loved ones, silver charms, initials, constellations, shapes, the choice is endless.

They even have vials of “Stardust” from Swarovski which is made up of tiny faceted crystals to mix in with your other charm selection.

A small selection of some of the Swarovski charms.

I was actually having trouble figuring out which combination to combine my kids, The Husband and the dogs. So I asked them to make it up for me instead! I think you’ll agree they nailed it, I even got some little initials for Far Kew….LOVE.

My first impressions were it was a quality piece of jewellery. You can untwist the locket part and add or take out the charms if you like to switch it up a bit.

An example would be a new baby, pet or significant event. Simply twist open the locket and add your new piece. Genius.

Price wise it’s very affordable. especially since you can start with the basics and add to it as you go along, a bit like Pandora but without the hefty price tag.

Love Lockets also have an extremely well-priced range of rings that spell out words, the favourites for me being the ones that say “Warrior” or “Survivor”. I can think of many people who this would make a perfect gift for. At only $19, these are an absolute steal.

They also have Afterpay *insert happy dance* so you can buy now, and pay in instalments.

Love Lockets are offering a 20% off discount to readers of my site! Just in time for Valentines Day. So tag someone that needs a hint!

Code is FarKew20, valid until 24th February 2018

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