Taylor Tara, Mature Aussie Lady.

When I received a message from a reader of Fuck You Friday, Taylor, saying she had written a book I might like to review, I jumped at the chance. I’d recently been gifted a kindle for  my birthday by The Husband and was really enjoying getting into reading again. It was something I’d always found very relaxing, but rarely put the time into.

Taylor told me the book was still at the publishers getting the finishing touches, and would let me know when it was ready. A few weeks later, she sent me a link to her website with more information about the book. It was there I saw a sultry image of a woman laying back in sexy lingerie and a blurb about the author being a mother, grandmother, photographer and………sex worker.

Tara, Mature Aussie Lady

I will not shy away from admitting I was a little bit shocked. I hadn’t a clue what to expect, but I knew I wasn’t expecting that!

Once I recovered, I was immediately thrilled. This is exactly the sort of thing I want to bring you with Far Kew Reviews. The curious, the unusual, the strange and the uncanny. Not only do I want to bring you my favourite tried and tested products that I use in my everyday life, but I also wish to hunt down the slightly left of centre. And I wish to challenge my own preconceptions and judgements.

I had to know more.


Taylor (or Tara, depending on what state you are in) is a middle aged Aussie woman, who randomly decided in her late forties to answer an advertisement in the paper and become a sex worker. Yep.

Her book titled “Tara, Mature Aussie Woman”, details what happened next, with some incredible (and at times eye watering) detail, that gives the reader a unique insight into a taboo world that is usually left unspoken.

Who doesn’t want to know how to perform a health check on a random strangers penis? 


Jokes aside, while of course I was ravenous for intricate details, (and Taylor doesn’t disappoint in this area) I was surprised to be left moved and at times deeply saddened by the stories of her clients and the underlying theme of loneliness, anxiety and depression. It is this theme that led Taylor to pledge a portion of proceeds from her book towards charities that tackle mental health issues and depression. 

Far from being the grotty, dirty, drug ridden version of 50 Shades of Grey featuring the underworld’s most abused and objectified, Taylor’s honest account offers a deeper understanding of life behind the walls of a bordello. And it’s nothing like you’d imagine. 

The “Moulin Rouge” room in the bordello that gave Taylor her start in the business.

Sure, there is sex. And a lot of it. But the hugs, the tender touches through Taylor’s expert massaging skills, and the opportunity to lay next to someone and talk meaningfully to a person who does not judge, is what keeps her many clients singing her praises.

“Looking back to when I first started, I can’t believe how much I have grown as a person. I have a different awareness. What I see, hear and feel has all changed.”

– Taylor Tara

It seems strange to say this, but if anyone was born to be a sex worker, I think Taylor is that person. Join her on a trip down the rabbit hole, where you will be nervous, shocked, moved and everything in between. I guarantee you will shatter your illusions of what it might be like to be paid for sex with strangers, and perhaps appreciate the loving and understanding touch that Taylor brings to her work. 

So just how does a mother, grandmother, photographer and self proclaimed “Plain Jane” go from living a normal, hard working life in the country, to servicing multiple men a night?

Intrigued? I thought so.

You can purchase the book directly through the website www.taylortara.com

Or on Kindle 

Enter the draw to win one of two signed hardback copies of the book by commenting on this review saying why you would love to read it.

And tune in to my Facebook page Far Kew for a live chat with Taylor on Tuesday 10th Oct at 8PM EDT (5pm for WA, 7pm for QLD). She invites you to ask her ANYTHING. And she’s one very generous woman with the juicy details.

Love, FK xx


  1. I’d be interested to challenge my preexisting ideas and things I’ve been today about women working in the sex industry. My dad used to pick up sex workers in his cab or pick up food to drop off to the local brothel, and so came home with the occasional story.

  2. Wow! I am so intrigued and would definitely love to read this. Why do I want to ‘win’ this book… well, I’m a very curious and inquisitive person but living in a very ‘groundhog day’ life with not much time ever given to myself to just let me be me. I’d love to read something that is real and raw, something that will open my eyes to life outside ‘mum and wife life’. I’ll be in a PT session on Tuesday night (6 years on still trying to lose the effing baby weight, pass the wine….) but hopefully will be able to post some questions at a later stage!

  3. I live to read.
    My fave books are ones that educate and inspire me, anything that leaves me walking away with more understanding of a life different to my own or how to understand others is something I simply cannot pass by!
    And tbh the idea of reading about a woman owning her sexuality and kindness and sharing what seems like a secret is something I am super keen to read! (I worked in a few adult shops years ago but I still can never get enough of hearing more amazing stories about what renders passion and pleasure in others)
    So please pick me!
    A signed book would not only be treasured by me, but it will be throughly read and thumbed through over and over and every word appreciated for the fun and knowledge it contains!

    Ps I love this review well done!

    • Hi Immy, Taylor Tara here, you have won one of the signed hard back copies of Tara mature Aussie Lady. Please forward address details so I can send your copy.
      Best Wishes
      Taylor Tara xoa

  4. I would love to read the book, I need something to take my mind off that my long term partner recently left me while I’m 12 weeks pregnant and looking after my 11month old daughter. Big Far Kew to him.

  5. I recently started reading biographies…this one sounds intriguing. I love the idea of this woman putting a completely different spin on her profession and from your review, What sounds to be an open and honest account of how this all came to be. Thanks Far x

  6. Sounds like an intriguing read indeed, I enjoy a left of center experience myself sometimes ? need a new bedside companion, a book I mean … & since I spent my last disposable dollars on cheap as chips 5 bux bushchook cans at the club on a much needed night of booty shakin fun lastnite aannd a ‘after tiny daughters 1st Tball’ brekky with her big bros this morning …. makes sense you will feel my poor single mum pain ? & lighten my burden a lil bit with a free book hey ? but thats ok if there’s to be a more worthy recipient of your graciousness I will still read it 1 day … & keep reading yr stuff too farkew cos you’re a funny currant ?

  7. Great review! Love to win a copy of this. Human behaviour is a fascinating thing. Also love a book that challenges perceptions.

  8. Pick me
    Pick me
    Pick me
    I would love to win a copy. Because my broke ass can’t afford to buy one. ?
    Also. I feel it would give some great insight into this profession and help me to see things from a prespective I wouldn’t otherwise.

  9. We had a social worker who supports sex workers have a chat with us budding students and since then my view of them has completely changed and I will argue with anyone who speaks negatively of them! Have a kindle (loved how you said you have one Far Kew) but this is a book I’d be proud to have in my bookshelf and hopefully open up more discussion with visitors about these amazing women and the work they do, especially for disabled people.

  10. What a great review makes you want to go out and buy it. Although I have read it, I cant get enough.
    Changed my view on this profession, not what I think most people think.

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